Free Style Writing and the Effect It Has on Education

Free Style Writing and the Effect It Has on Education

As writers, we are notably creative and rarely do we stop to think about the processes involved in the writing itself. In the case of free style writing techniques writers rely on their ability to transfer their opinions and unique approaches onto paper, continuously for an agreed period.

The art that is free style writing allows us to develop our writing skills. Writing can be a challenging endeavor, especially for beginners or writers with no creativity. It helps solve the problem by tackling it head on step by step.

Free style writing engages the writer’s creativity by challenging them to write what comes to their mind at that particular moment. Then later on as you advance your skills, you can assign yourself random subjects to focus on when free style writing.

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In academic circles, free style writing can be a very potent classroom organization tool. Students can express themselves in a positive and controlled environment. However, there is no consensus on the acceptance of free style writing in education.

You will notice that this process gets easier and easier, every time you free write. Therefore, to have the chance to experience the benefits of free writing, you are expected to adhere to the set guidelines, namely:

  • Set the timer
  • Keep writing until the timer has stopped
  • Disregard the word processor’s automated editor
  • After the select period, go over your writing and enjoy the results

Developing a writing culture in schools, will not only help students write better essays and term papers but also makes available an avenue to vent their expectations, disappointments, and opinions.term paper writing

Pros and cons

Many students need a means to let out something that may be eating at them for some time. Without the necessity for strict formatting and following rules, students are free to write their mind and relieve some of the pressure that comes with academic life.

Free style writing cultivates a culture of writing for passion rather than writing because it is examinable. With increased interest in writing, tasks students will perform better and achieve higher grades than previously achieved.

As a memory stimulator, free writing does its part superbly. Free writing makes the connection between the past and present involvements the student has had to experience. Free writing is a time intensive event and is not an exact science. The technique does not guarantee positive results for the user. Thus, it is not very reliable.

It is not always as promised when you get stuck trying to come up with a topic to write about, resulting in the loss of valuable time. The result is reduced interest in the process altogether. Also with the lack of any formality involved in the process of free style writing, some students will take this opening to slack off.

Free writing is comprised of informal writing coupled the writer’s choice of a subject. With all that has been said about free style writing, I am of the opinion that the form of writing has more to offer the learning institution regarding benefits enjoyed by students worldwide.

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